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Tobi and I have been working together for some time which has blossomed into a great friendship. I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that she was moving to New York at the same time as me. One thing I love about Tobi is her effortless attitude to beauty and how she customises make up for each individual. I feel like when you sit in her chair you come out feeling the best version of yourself and that's not just about her make up, it's the energy she exudes. Tobi knows how important skin is to me, she always creates an amazing combination during prep to ensure that coverage is on the more minimal, glowing side. Check out the custom red lip she designed for me while I asked her to share some pro tips for you at home.


I know that my skin is on the dryer side during New York City winter, do you like to add anything to combat this during skin prep?
"I love to ensure I am using a super hydrating skin mask at least two times a week. I am currently loving La Mer's The Hydrating Facial Mask and Glossier's Moisturising Moon Mask. It is also important to use a lip scrub for dead skin on the lips, Mac Cosmetics have them in yummy flavours which I love. Follow by using a hydrating lip balm, I am always carrying around Mecca's Lip De-Lucious. I am also highly regimented with applying a day and night cream, It is so crucial that your skin care routine has what you specifically need, I love products which are a combination of hydrating, anti ageing and protecting my skin from environmental factors - sun, wind and pollution."


How important is a primer? should I be using it more?
"Because my signature skin is all about luminosity and a glow, I love to use a primer with a sheen, Tom Ford and Laura Mercier are my usually go-tos. It also helps your makeup stay on for longer and gives it longevity from day to night."

I have never used Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream before but love it now, what is the trick to applying it?
"Strobe is such an amazing versatile product that can be tapped onto high points of the face prior to applying foundation, mixed into foundation or tapped onto the skin after foundation. It is give a beautiful glow and also looks great mixed into body moisturiser for the collar bones and arms and legs. I love to buff it into the skin using the Mac Cosmetics #168 Brush."

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I love the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate palette, how do you apply this product? And what brushes do you use?
"I like to use a brush which can easily blend out creams, I use the 'Shade' tone under the cheek bones on the temple and jawline. Then I blend it out to give the skin more dimension and warmth. The lighter 'Illuminate' shade is for highlighting and again I often use the warmth of my fingers to tap the product on the high points of the face for extra luminosity. Mac Cosmetics Duo Fibre brushes are the perfect brushes to use for cream products. They are super versatile and can be used for foundation and cream blush also."

What are the key places for finishing powder?
"I only use powder where it is absolutely needed. I ensure the T-zone and under the eyes is matte. The outer sides of the face need to look beautiful and glowing. I have always had Mac Cosmetics Mineralise Skin Finish Powders in my kit, they come in such a wide variety of shades and I love how natural and light they are on the skin. They are the perfect powders to use for every type of makeup from red carpet to shoots."


I always love how you create to my eye makeup, but struggle to achieve the look myself. Is there any tricks to help with application? Can you recommend the best brushes to use?
"Start with switching out powder shadows for creams. They can be applied effortlessly plus they are also easy to blend out. I love to use a fuller brush to create a gradual fade out effect. I find golden, bronze tones suit everyone and can be a quick eye 'go-to' eye look which can be executed in five minutes or less. Finish by curling the lashes and coating with mascara."


I usually leave my brows because they are so fair. What is the benefit of using a combination of these two products - Mac Cosmetics Eye Brows and Brow Set?
"Mac Cosmetics Eye Brows are super fine and allow me to create fine, hair-like strokes which look super natural and can create a little more shape to the brow. The gel is the finishing brow product which will ensure every brow stroke is in the right place and will stay there all day and night"


This look is all about a custom red lip. Can you break down what products you used to create this lip?
"I started by prepping the lips with a lip scrub, we used a cotton tip to rub the product all over the lips and removed with a makeup wipe. This creates the best surface for a statement lip. Next, I lined the lip with Mac Cosmetics Cherry Lip Liner for a super sharp edge. I always start in the centre and pull out when lining the top and bottom lip line. I then applied Mac Cosmetics Lady Danger which is a matte lipstick, I used an art brush which gives me more precision when I am using a bold colour like red. This brush allows me to line up the edge of the brush with the edge of the lip for a sleek finish. To create an ultimate matte finish, I applied Red pigment to the entire lip. This makes the colour of the lip more striking."